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    A Piece of Hayvn: How a Company Set Out to Rewire Finance Through Blockchain

    Key Takeaways: Hayvn, a crypto company, offers the full suite of digital asset products for businesses and users.. Clients can convert tokens to fiat, buy real estate, trade and store crypto, or invest with Hayvn. What happens when tradition and innovation meet? A disruption of the status quo, followed by a new way of doing […]
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    Seba Bank

    Red Acre Ventures Co-Leads $119M Series C for Swiss-Based Seba Bank

    Key Takeaways: Seba Bank picked up $119M in a funding round co-led by venture capital firm Red Acre Ventures. The raise followed a Series B token issue and a $101M seed capital to set the firm’s foundations. Seba Bank Fundraising Closes at $119M Seba Bank, a Swiss banking institution with direct exposure to digital assets, […]
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