TradesAI creates next-gen actionable visualizations and bots to help the world trade markets smarter. Founded by industry leaders Owen Morton and Hadi Aladdin, TradesAI brings together years of expertise to empower traders worldwide.

TradesAI is your gateway to smarter trading strategies, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. This top-notch suite of tools follows industry best practices for wealth building, such as risk management, profit taking and more.

AI-driven Analysis

TradesAI analyzes vast amounts of market data in real-time and provides traders with easy-to-use insights.

Trading Indicators

Our indicators enable traders to spot and act on trading patterns and price moves that are not easily discernible to the human eye.

Trading Signals

AI systems monitor markets around the clock, providing traders with updates and alerts multiple times a day.

Continuous Learning

Incorporating AI offers personalized learning experiences for traders who want to improve their skills over time.

Empowering Traders Globally

TradesAI disrupts the trading landscape by harnessing the power of AI, enabling the success of traders worldwide. TradesAI is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence system, designed to help you trade smarter.

No More Screen Time

TradesAI automation allows for the execution of trades at optimal times without constant manual oversight.

Risk Management

TradesAI systems have robust risk management tools, showing traders the best Take Profit and Stop Loss targets.

Day Trading in Mind

The TradesAI algorithms are ideal for predicting intraday market behaviors across a wide range of asset classes.

Democratization of Trading

TradesAI’s AI-driven tools are designed to enhance market analysis and automate trading so everyone can participate, regardless of experience.

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