Business Innovator & Growth Consultant

Strategy, Guidance, and Success.

As a business investor with over fifteen years of experience, Owen has developed multiple companies to make a significant impact on their industries. However, his influence goes beyond that of an investor.

He transforms businesses from within through business innovation, corporate strategy, and market growth strategies. The focus is to generate dependable, long-term, and scalable success.


The portfolio is a network of complementary businesses in the fintech and traditional technology industries that provide strategic services to drive scalable growth.

His role includes making critical managerial decisions, taking on financial responsibility, and implementing business expansion plans.

Trading Platform


In addition to exceptional features that optimise trading and increase an investor’s chance of success, TradeLocker offers Owen’s clients a competitive advantage by giving them more control and reducing any dependency to 3rd party trading platforms.

Trading Education


FunderPro is a proprietary trading firm that allows traders to manage up to $200k through a funded account. It’s the White Label backbone for 20+ PropFirms and an excellent representative of the successful products that Owen’s business ecosystem builds.

Crypto News


CryptoPanic is the world’s largest crypto news aggregator platform, indicating impact on price and market for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The platform includes Portfolio Tracker, Media Feed, and Blogs.

Brokerage Support


Netrios is a complete ‘broker as a service’ and ‘prop as a service’ solution that supports the world’s leading Forex and Crypto brokerages. The business drives growth by offering dedicated trade support, CRM trading solutions, and more.

Crypto Business Solutions

Zeply Business

Zeply Business offers businesses a simple and secure way to accept payments via cryptocurrency. His core responsibilities for Zeply have been driving business growth through business development, online marketing, and licence operations.

Liquidity Solutions

Alpha Lab 40

Alpha Lab 40 is a team of trading, operations and compliance professionals that provide expertise and a client-centred approach to trading and liquidity solutions. They support clients through the digital asset ecosystem with trust and transparency.

Crypto Payment


Zeply's aim is to bring Bitcoin into everyday life by supporting users with the transition from traditional to digital, with the promise of total security. Zeply reinforces Owen’s mission by offering innovative payment solutions.

Capital investment

Red Acre Ventures

Red Acre Ventures is a hedge fund that offers financing to invest in new companies. Owen has been vital in establishing and implementing investment strategies and leading development initiatives, successfully launching the business.

Smart Business Support

Red Acre

Red Acre empowers businesses with bespoke support solutions for compliance, payments, and general needs. They offer operational support for all product launches for the portfolio companies. As Chief Strategy Officer, he transformed the business into an industry leader.

Marketing Technology


Webbiz is a global marketing technology company. They develop digital product ideas and implement marketing and launch strategies. As a director, Owen established a growth strategy to help the company enter and thrive in new markets.


Swivel Gaming

Swivel Gaming provides innovative end-to-end gaming solutions that redefine player engagement. Their proprietary in-house built products offer a comprehensive solution covering CRM, Fiat and Crypto payment and affiliation features for iGaming operators long-term success.

Driving your
growth scalability diversification transformation success innovation

Digital Consultancy

Digital Consultancy

Expert guidance to help your business leverage the latest technologies and digital marketing strategies for optimal growth.

Start-Up Investment

Start-Up Investment

Funding and mentorship for early-stage companies to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses.

Business Innovation

Business Innovation

Benefit from cutting-edge solutions and market growth strategies to improve operations and unlock new opportunities.

Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing

Data-driven insights and the latest marketing strategies to drive user acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Crypto Consultation

Crypto Consultation

Support in the complex and ever-changing world of cryptocurrency trading platforms, blockchain, and decentralised finance.

Start a Prop Firm

Start a Prop Firm

From inception to global reach, we ensure your prop firm business stays ahead of the curve.

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