Zeply’s mission is to bring Bitcoin into everyday life with its revolutionary approach to personal finance through blockchain technology. Innovative payment solutions and better business are the brand's core.

The app is positioned at the forefront of fintech developments to make crypto and Bitcoin an everyday reality and support users with the transition from traditional to digital, with the promise of total security.

Instant Transactions

Buy, send, receive, store, and exchange Bitcoin instantly, helping Bitcoin become a standard form of payment for everyone.

Currency Exchange

Converting Bitcoin to Euro or Euro to Bitcoin has never been easier. Exchanging between digital and traditional currency takes seconds.

No Fees

Bitcoin with zero fees and complete security with the optimal service needed for all your BTC requirements.


You’re in charge. Instant Bitcoin transactions with full protection. Withdraw Euros by selecting your wallet, your method of withdrawal, and the amount.

Zeply reinforces Owen’s mission by offering innovative and accessible payment solutions.

Zeply promotes a flexible approach to finance that empowers individuals who have adventurous, aspirational lifestyles. It utilises pioneering technology that’s transparent and simple to demystify crypto and make Bitcoin more accessible.

The three central pillars of the brand are that it’s ‘Convenient, Safe and Instant.’ Zeply gives you the complete freedom to manage your assets anytime, anywhere. People can expect to be able to buy and send Bitcoin instantly and safely.


Launched with Estonian and Lithuanian regulations.


Launched iOS and Android applications.


Developed is Merchant Service Platform for B2B.


Released in-house PCI-compliant gateway. Over 120 Crypto assets are listed. Visa Cards are available.

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