Deus X Capital

Deus X Capital is a team of founders, operators, and investors translating shared experiences in the technology, consumer software, fintech, and crypto sectors.

The group's mission is to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of transformative companies.

High Growth

Investing in high-growth companies with global ambitions and ensuring they reach their goals.


A patient, flexible source of capital to help talented management teams execute their vision.

Owner Operated

They are 100% owner-operated, which allows them to focus exclusively on supporting the portfolio companies.


The Deus X Capital team has extensive experience in consumer software, fintech, and crypto sectors.

Through Deus X Capital, Owen helps people actively transform ideas into successful businesses.

Drawing upon a wealth of experience in strategic investment, business management & operations, the group helps companies take ideas from niche to mass and scale to capitalise on substantial market opportunities.

The company partners with passionate entrepreneurs to upend traditional industries with innovative products and services in which specialised areas of expertise will bring significant value.


Invested in 36 Portfolio Companies.


In addition to finance, technology was added to over 50% of investments, such as Havyn Pay.


Developed Alpha Lab 40 from RAVs business incubator unit.


Deus X Capital has a direct impact on portfolio companies, demonstrated in the success of Hilbert Group.

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