Accelerating Crypto Adoption
One Payment at a Time

Owen’s regulated crypto-native payment solutions offer a safe on-ramp and off-ramp for businesses who are looking to adopt secure blockchain-powered digital assets as payment methods.

Rewiring the World of Payments

Through the Power of Blockchain

Why Choose Crypto for Your Business?

Enhanced Security

Cryptocurrency transfers are secured by blockchain technology, reducing the risk of fraud and chargebacks, offering businesses a safe payment method.

Global Access

Businesses tap into an international customer base when they accept crypto, allowing them to offer cross-border service when traditional methods may not be available.

Lower Transaction Costs

Wider profit margins are guaranteed with crypto payments thanks to their inherent cost-efficient nature. Compared to fiat methods, crypto is a low-fee payment solution.

Fast Delivery, 24/7

Crypto doesn’t sleep. Businesses that offer crypto as a payment aren’t bound by delivery time or active working hours. Instead, payments are instant, safe, and transparent.
Hayvn Pay

Hayvn Pay

Crypto-enabled payment processing arm of Hayvn, a regulated and compliant crypto custodian and digital asset manager.

Zeply Business

Zeply Business

Payment gateway that connects merchants and customers through fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transfers.

Zeply Exchange

Zeply Exchange

The perfect place for retail crypto traders and investors who want to buy, sell, and hold an array of digital assets.



Custodial crypto wallet provider and customizable crypto payment system with focus on privacy and scalability.

Integrations Across the Payment Spectrum

Unlimited Integration Options WooCommerce, API, POS Compatibility, Invoice

Unlimited Use Case Retail, Property, Aviation, Ecommerce


Cryptocurrency pairs are supported


Fiat currencies are supported

Explore Our Power-Packed Features

Virtually unlimited use cases across industries such as retail, property, ecommerce, and more.

Retail Revolution

Unlocking the future of transactions for seamless shopping experiences, where customers enjoy swift and secure payments in a decentralized financial landscape.

E-Commerce 2.0

Embrace the next wave of online transactions for speed, security, and global accessibility, as digital currencies redefine the way we buy and sell goods on the internet.

Travel & Blockchain

From booking to check-out, discover how cryptocurrency is reshaping the hospitality landscape, providing travelers with efficient and transparent payment solutions.

Finance 2.0

Explore the potential of cryptocurrency in banking, investments, and fintech innovations, witnessing a transformative shift in traditional financial services toward decentralized and inclusive solutions.

How Does it Work

Integration Consultation

Let’s kick off our communication by discussing your integration needs and goals.

Proposal Agreement

For your approval, we present our proposal outlining integration scope and timeline.

Compatibility Assessment

We evaluate compatibility between existing systems and integration requirements.

Integration Time

We implement the integration using appropriate APIs, coding, and other tools.

Testing & Debugging

We thoroughly test the new integration and resolve any issues that may come up.

Client Validation

We present the integrated systems with all functions and data for your approval.

Integration Deployment

We deploy & release for active use the finalized seamless-running integration.