Zeply Business

Zeply Business offers businesses a simple and secure way to accept payments via cryptocurrency, exposing them to a whole new clientele that prefers to use the latest technology in finance.

Zeply Business champions brands that are not afraid to push boundaries by offering their customers flexible, revolutionary payment options with low transaction costs.

Expanded Client Base

Adopting the platform opens your business to a new clientele that prefers modern and seamless payment options.

Visibility & Accountability

The Zeply Business dashboard gives you a clean and comprehensive view of every transaction on the platform.

Complete Transparency

Zeply Business protects transactions from any type of manipulation as its technology is decentralised.

Real-Time Currency Conversion

Receive the exact quoted amount as Bitcoin payments are automatically converted to your preferred fiat currency.

Owen has driven Zeply Business’ growth through business development, online marketing, and licence operations.

Flexible, revolutionary payment options have become more and more critical. Zeply Business exemplifies the time-tested strategy of identifying and answering a customer need with an innovative solution.

It’s safe, fast, and versatile to use, built to seamlessly integrate into an existing business workflow with eCommerce platform integration, allowing businesses to diversify offerings and enter new markets.

Service Platform

Launched Merchand Service Platform with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and USDC.


Auto-conversion and Mark-up features go live. In addition, 6 FIAT Denominated wallets are made available.

Reduced Transactions

Transactions reduced to 1.75% for full service.


Twenty-five clients onboarded in year 1.

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