Growth Marketing

Growth marketing focuses on innovation, iteration, and optimisation to drive business growth. Owen has consistently driven significant revenue increases to businesses, adding year-on-year sales growth. One example of this is adding 18% to the Top Line of sales in 2022 for Netrios, translating to near double-digit seven figures to the business.

Unlike traditional marketing, which tends to be more focused on brand awareness and customer acquisition, growth marketing seeks to maximise the lifetime value of a customer by continually finding ways to increase engagement, retention, and revenue. The goal is to create a sustainable, repeatable process that can be optimised over time.

for Growth

Growth marketing is all about using data to make informed decisions about how to grow a business. By testing and iterating different tactics, it's possible to quickly identify what works and what doesn't and then double down on the most effective strategies.

With all the capabilities of his portfolio companies, Owen is committed to further innovating and optimising marketing. As a result, the mission to improve engagement, retention, and revenue is constantly evolving.

Areas of Focus


This area of focus involves acquiring new customers through various channels such as social media, search engine marketing, influencer marketing, and referral programs.


Activation refers to turning potential customers into active ones by encouraging specific actions, such as signing up for a free trial, creating an account, or making a purchase.


Retention focuses on keeping customers engaged and loyal to your brand by providing ongoing value, building relationships, and addressing their needs and concerns.


Referral marketing incentivises existing customers to refer friends and family to a business. This can be a powerful way to generate new business and increase customer loyalty.


Revenue growth marketing involves optimising revenue streams and increasing average order value, upselling and cross-selling, and improving pricing and packaging strategies.

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