Innovative & Adaptable

Pushing Potential
Driving Growth

Throughout Owen’s career, he has held several key positions that have equipped him with diverse skills and experiences. In these roles, he has consistently demonstrated an ability to make informed management decisions and take on financial responsibility.

With a focus on driving organisational growth and success, he has shown versatility, innovation, and responsibility throughout his journey. Pushing organisations to reach their potential and uncover new opportunities has been the defining characteristic of his accomplishments.


Owen invests in businesses by diligently assessing opportunities, analysing the industry, and judging how the skill set of his portfolio companies can enhance the business.


Owen has overseen many projects and product launches throughout his career, playing a central role in maintaining the highest levels of project efficiency and customer satisfaction. The aim of each project is to achieve sustainable growth for the client.


Establishing strong relationships with colleagues and clients has been vital to the success of the operations of the companies within the business portfolio. Even highly technological infrastructure depends on people.


Making critical management decisions while taking on financial responsibility puts the obligation to continuously drive revenue at the forefront. Turning each company into a financial success is paramount.

Dreams into Reality

Owen is an investor who follows his passions. He supports and sponsors multiple rising stars across various industries. An exceptional recent example is the hip-hop artist, Rheez.

Recognizing the potential of promising individuals, Owen plays a pivotal role in fueling their growth and success by providing invaluable opportunities.

Strengthen your project with a business success partner.