TradeLocker was created to unlock potential, whether for traders that want to use technology as an advantage or brokers looking to bring the best tools to traders of all levels.

In addition to exceptional features that optimise trading and increase an investor’s chance of success, TradeLocker offers clients a competitive advantage by giving them more control and reducing any dependency to 3rd party trading platforms.

Superior Charting

TradingView integration offers access to hundreds of customisable charts and indicators to assist the trader.

Trader-Friendly Interface

A clean, customisable, intuitive interface that allows users to navigate and perform trading activities efficiently.

Superior Platform

On Chart Trading, One-Click Trading, and Trade Micro Lots to spread the risks in high-volume trading.

No Downloads Required​

Begin trading without barriers. A seamless trading experience on any device, anytime and anywhere.

A game-changing platform that revolutionises trading and provides traders with everything they need.

Traders can benefit from high-quality charts and indicators for informed decisions, advanced risk management with stop loss and take profit features, and a web-based platform for trading anywhere and anytime.

In addition to traders, it’s also an excellent platform for brokers. By making TradeLocker available in their brokerage, they can give clients early access to the future of trading.

Leading Market Execution via Brokerage API

Connects Brokers with Traders with near-zero latency. Latency may differ from broker to broker.


Begin the journey for traders where most platforms take 15 years: One-Click Trading, Partial Close, On-Chart Trading, and more.


Integration with TradingviewTM, which is trusted by 30 million users worldwide.


25+ clients in the first three months of launch, indicating a successful launch.

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