Hayvn Starts Offering Hilbert Group’s Managed Fund Solutions
Key Takeaways:
  • Hayvn partners with Hilbert Group to bring a flurry of funds to its high-net-worth client base.
  • Hilbert’s lineup includes long-only, long-short long bias, and long-short market-neutral funds.

Hayvn to Offer Hilbert’s Funds

Hayvn, the digital asset investment firm and crypto payment platform, has joined forces with Hilbert Group in a move that would expand product diversification for Hayvn clients. More precisely, they now have access to Hilbert’s asset management product lineup, or simply – its hedge funds.

Hilbert is a publicly traded investment manager with a focus on blockchain and crypto assets. It boasts a suite of hedge funds positioned to soak up demand across various verticals. 

Hilbert’s managed funds are diversified across three strategies:

  • Long-only: profiting from upward market movements.
  • Long-short long bias: betting more on upward swings and less on market decline.
  • Long-short market neutral: balancing long and short positions to realize gains in both market directions.

The flurry of investment products by Hilbert will now be available for Hayvn clients to scoop up. In more detail, the diverse product lineup will be included as investment options in Hayvn’s Asset Management division.

Numbers Breakdown

Initially, Hilbert’s managed funds will get exposure to Hayvn’s high-net-worth client base in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Presently, this select group consists of more than 1,500 individuals with an average net worth of $1 billion or more.

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    With more coverage planned for a rollout, Hilbert is likely to tap into Hayvn’s other divisions, including Custodial Services and Payments Solutions.

    Praiseworthy Venture

    Niclas Sandstrom, chief executive of Hilbert Group, praised the joint initiative and said the company is excited to get access to an exclusive group of clients through Hayvn.

    And vice versa, Christopher Flinos, CEO at Hayvn, hailed the new venture saying that Hayvn stands to benefit from Hilbert’s “years of investment and risk management experience, and the transparency of a listed company.”

    Read the full press release here.

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