Founding FunderPro: Why Escaping Conventions is the Way to Success
Founding FunderPro: Why Escaping Conventions is the Way to Success
Key Takeaways:
  • You don’t need to be the first mover to succeed in business. You need to offer a better product.
  • FunderPro was born out of the need for optimal trading conditions that traders will love.

In any industry there is a mainstay and a fast-rising rival threatening to bring about a better product. We all know the story of Myspace, the first mover, and second mover Facebook, the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg.

The challenger dethroning the first entrant has become the norm rather than the exception. Take Yahoo and Google for another example. Thinking differently, daring to defy the status quo and push forward a new way of doing things – that’s what gives you an edge and makes a change for good.

In my field of fintech and startups, you have to push the boundaries and dive into uncharted waters if you want to make a difference. Sometimes the industry needs a fresh boost from growth-focused disruption.

FunderPro: a Different Prop Trading Firm

In the world of trading, it’s not always easy to outperform and deliver alpha returns. Even more so if you’re a newcomer and you’re not in a position to pour thousands of dollars into a risk-oriented activity.

This being said I had a vision where the retail trader would be empowered to make large-scale moves in the financial market, regardless of their personal capital allocation or portfolio structure. The problem was that no matter how talented or skilled these traders were, the lack of sufficient funding deprived them of the opportunities as the barrier to entry was too steep.

This is why FunderPro was born as a prop trading firm that would go above and beyond to allow individual investors to trade the company’s capital simply by offering a profit-sharing model. 

Now, don’t get me wrong – FunderPro is all about uplifting individuals, but if we weren’t selective, we wouldn’t last long in the game.

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    That’s why we designed a trading challenge with a set hurdle rate that will ensure we fund only those that can prove their skills and expertise in handling the volatile nature of the financial market. 

    FunderPro, a prop firm designed to democratize opportunity, was established with the mission of allowing retail traders to enjoy the thrill of large-scale investing. The trading challenge comes with simplified rules, realistic targets, and probably the biggest benefit – unlimited time.

    How FunderPro Stands Out?

    In an industry where the usual time duration of a challenge is capped at 30 days, our traders take as much time as they want. This unique feature eliminates the pressure of executing positions just to fit in the timeframe. With no time cap, you trade when you want to trade.  

    Another key aspect of why FunderPro is different is that traders receive real funds for continuous liquidity. A start-up capital of up to $200,000 that scales to $5 million – that’s how talented but capital-deprived traders change their lives.


    By daring to challenge established norms, we have the opportunity to redefine the boundaries of financial services, bringing forth cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize how individuals interact with financial markets.

    As we all, collectively as an industry, strive to build and create better products, our unwavering commitment to reimagining success propels us to the forefront of the fintech revolution, where we forge the path to a more inclusive and empowered financial future.

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