Seba Bank Launches Crypto Index in Move Towards Tokens Market Adoption
Key Takeaways:
  • Seba Bank unveils its crypto-native index, offering diversification and low risk in one product.
  •  SEBAX is structured in cooperation with the European index administrator MV Index Solutions.

Seba Bank Unveils Crypto Index

Seba Bank, the Swiss digital asset banking firm, is venturing into the token index space with its own cryptocurrency index. The SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index (SEBAX) holds a number of major digital currencies, making up a package of value-weighted novel products that give investors access to the flourishing crypto industry.

The index is optimized to control risk exposure by diversifying its approach across large-cap assets, instead of concentrating a portfolio over just a few coins. The broad-market investment move enables money managers to pick up a variety of digital products all at once, thus reducing their risk, shielding themself from the inherent day-to-day volatility, and focusing the strategy on long-term gains.


Inside Look into SEBAX

SEBAX was packaged in cooperation with the European index administrator MV Index Solutions. In addition, Gentwo Digital participated in introducing the index’s requirements prior to the launch.

“With our investment solutions we want to offer investors the highest possible security,” said Daniel Kuehne, Head of Asset Management at SEBA Bank AG, according to the Seba Bank’s press release. He continued by saying the bank is committed to strengthening investor confidence in the “new, complex market environment of cryptocurrencies.”

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    By introducing the crypto-native index, Seba has essentially opened up a new investment lane that was previously inaccessible for traditional investors due to the market’s patchy regulatory status. Now, however, mainstream finance can tap into the potentially lucrative digital asset space.


    Red Acre Ventures on the New Product

    Red Acre Ventures is excited about the growth prospects of Seba Bank – a portfolio company in which the venture firm co-led the $119mn Series C funding round. With this new crypto index, Red Acre Ventures expects Seba Bank to pave the way for mainstream capital to pour into the novel asset class that promises to expand the investment landscape globally.

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