FunderPro Strikes SiGMA FX Partnership in Push to Expand Industry Footprint
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Key Takeaways:

  • FunderPro looks to new horizons after a key partnership with gaming heavyweight SiGMA.
  • The collaboration will kick off with a large-scale networking event in Limassol, Cyprus.

SiGMA, the online gaming mainstay boasting a global presence, has selected FunderPro as its gateway to the flourishing prop firm industry. This first-of-its-kind partnership is fixed at a 3-year timeframe with the option to extend it further.

It will offer SiGMA’s clients complete access to proprietary trading, allowing the company to tap into uncharted horizons. And vice versa, it will give FunderPro exposure to a new high-conversion audience, further expanding the prop firm’s market share.


Launch with a Bang: Conference Looming

To facilitate the start of the new partnership, SiGMA launched its newest venture – SiGMA FX which will set itself in motion with a special event. Slated for 4-7 September in Limassol, Cyprus, the SiGMA FX summit will bring together industry leaders, online trading professionals, entrepreneurs, FinTech specialists, and more.

FunderPro, our fast-growing prop firm, will attend the conference as an active participant, operating its own booth. We will be showcasing our product, fielding questions, and engaging in discussions about the future of prop firms and our role in it.

What’s more, FunderPro’s B2B solutions will be a key highlight of the SiGMA FX event. Our prop trading solutions allow any business to own and grow their brokerage or prop firm. On our side, we handle development, maintenance, branding, and marketing.


FunderPro and Company: Who Else Is Coming?

In addition to FunderPro’s presence at the conference, Owen’s other businesses will be in the spotlight as well.

Red Acre, a provider of business support services for companies in every stage, will take a spot, alongside TradeLocker, an innovative trading platform integrated with TradingView™ charting.

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    Apart from that, we’ve also set up stands for our White Label Forex and Prop Trading platform developer Netrios as well as Zeply – our regulated crypto on-ramp for businesses that want to get ahead of the curve by adopting digital-asset payments.

    Finally, our crypto-native payment gateway CryptoChill, and our crypto news aggregator CryptoPanic will be among the presenters.


    SiGMA FX & FunderPro: A Likely Partnership

    The collaborative move by SiGMA and FunderPro is big news for the industry. SiGMA is the proven global heavyweight in online gaming. On the other end is FunderPro, a proprietary trading firm hitting milestone after milestone at breakneck speed. What does the partnership mean and what’s ahead?
    The partnership between SiGMA and FunderPro will tie in a range of expertise from two distinct fields. That being the case, this will lead to innovative solutions that bridge the gap between gaming and finance. SiGMA’s specialization in online gaming and FunderPro’s prowess in prop trading are expected to usher in new products and platforms that cater to both sectors, providing users with a unique blend of gaming and trading opportunities.


    Joint Effort for Future-Proof Innovation

    As with each and every one of Owen’s companies, a huge part of the focus lies on innovation. This one is no exception. Teaming up with SiGMA FX will bolster FunderPro’s positioning as a dominant player in the prop firm space.

    Partnerships between companies from different industries often foster innovation by encouraging the exchange of ideas, technologies, and strategies. Eventually, SiGMA and FunderPro will bring fresh perspectives to each other’s domains, resulting in the development of novel approaches, products, or services.

    Needless to say, both companies are excited about the future growth prospects.

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