A Piece of Hayvn: How a Company Set Out to Rewire Finance Through Blockchain
A Piece of Hayvn: How a Company Set Out to Rewire Finance Through Blockchain

Key Takeaways:

  • Hayvn, a crypto company, offers a full suite of digital asset products for businesses and users.
  • Clients can convert tokens to fiat, buy real estate, trade and store crypto, or invest with Hayvn.

What happens when tradition and innovation meet? A disruption of the status quo, followed by a new way of doing things. That’s exactly what Hayvn has set out to do.

Hayvn is a fully-regulated crypto company that packs a powerful punch – the firm offers services in the asset management field, payment processing, and trading capabilities, and is even a custodian of institutional and individual crypto assets.

Put simply, it’s an all-encompassing digital asset player that has established a presence across the crypto market’s various corners.
We can say it’s armed with a revolutionary vision and a deep-seated commitment to shift the paradigm. Because of that, this company has emerged as a vanguard entity, leveraging blockchain technology to rewire finance as we know it.


Hayvn as an Asset Manager

Hayvn’s asset management wing offers direct exposure to the fast-emerging crypto market. Essentially, the firm’s strategy provides access to the 20 largest and most well-established crypto assets, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Besides, holdings get reviewed each month to perform rebalancing and to capture new opportunities.

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    Hayvn as a Crypto Custodian

    By using its tools, clients get institutional-grade safekeeping for their digital assets. Undoubtedly, the regulated crypto custodian solution makes it easy for institutions and individuals to deploy their tokens in a safe environment. Users have their assets guarded by the highest level of regulatory oversight, security, and compliance.

    Hayvn as a Trading Platform

    Hayvn offers two ways for traders to invest in and trade crypto assets. Firstly, there’s on-platform trading that allows users to trade on the company’s proprietary OTC trading platform. Along these lines, market participants can trade securely, without the risk of running out of liquidity.
    Secondly, Hayvn’s off-platform trading allows users to trade through various channels, such as relationship managers, email, phone, in-person, and even Telegram channels.

    Hayvn as a Payment Processor

    Hayvn has conveniently positioned itself at the forefront of the payments revolution. Through leveraging the power of blockchain, Hayvn has tapped into the luxury market by offering a safe crypto-to-fiat onramp for end users who want to pay with crypto for their big-ticket purchases. Yacht or private jet rentals, real estate purchases, or art and car deals are all a few clicks away thanks to Hayvn’s crypto-friendly payment processor.

    In conclusion, in the interplay of innovation and tradition, Hayvn is betting on blockchain to alter the way we do modern-day finance. A new normal is perhaps approaching that will present a reality where trust is inviolable, transactions are seamless, and access to financial avenues is universal.

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