Taking Prop Trading to the Next Level: Red Acre Partners with Tools for Brokers
Taking Prop Trading to the Next Level: Red Acre Partners with Tools for Brokers
Key Takeaways:
  • Red Acre and Tools for Brokers have partnered to provide a turnkey solution to prop firms.
  • The collaboration is expected to usher in a new momentum in engaging prop traders.

Prop Firms Just Got Simplified

Two leaders within the prop trading industry have teamed up – fintech group Red Acre and tech provider Tools for Brokers. This alliance is a big leap in the prop trading sector as it promises to handle all sticking points in the process of launching and growing prop firms and brokers.

In today’s competitive landscape, this partnership has a multi-faceted impact. Both Red Acre and Tools for Brokers share the same ultimate objective of improving the prop trading space. This said, each company zeros in on the matter through its own capabilities and products.

All-in-one Solution – The TFB Ecosystem

Built for retail brokers and hedge funds, Tools for Brokers (TFB) is a distinguished technology provider. Offering an ecosystem of products focused around a liquidity bridge solution – Trade Processor, TFB facilitates broker journeys by saving them time and money. 

Trade Processor not only works with a wide variety of trading platforms but also supports multiple liquidity providers, collects data, and automates processes. Having all these tools at hand in one single platform, it addresses every need that retail brokers and hedge funds might have.

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    Red Acre’s Client-Centric Solutions

    While TFB is mainly focused on the technological aspect, Red Acre stands out for its all-inclusive business service centered on the customer’s needs. The flurry of offerings includes CRM customization, 24/7 support, Trader’s Room, and a number of diverse front-end products, all designed to respond to the trader’s needs.

    Unprecedented Success

    The collaboration between Red Acre and Tools for Brokers will lead to a large amount of exciting projects and innovations. By combining their expertise, both companies will amplify their power to take a big weight from the industry’s shoulders and let brokers simply focus their attention on client acquisition and network building.

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