Ollie Bearman at Malta’s FunderPro HQ: Highlights & Surprise Gift
Ollie Bearman at Malta’s FunderPro HQ: Highlights & Surprise Gift
Key Takeaways:
  • Ollie Bearman’s visit to FunderPro’s Malta office kickstarted our joint efforts on innovation.
  • The day wouldn’t have been complete without a special gift to Bearman – Owen’s first supercar.

What growls and makes your heart race? You got that right – it’s what Formula 2 driver Ollie Bearman left with when he spent a whole day at FunderPro’s headquarters in Malta. A slick-looking, adrenaline-fueled, high-end Ferrari Roma was waiting for our company’s first sponsored brand ambassador.

Owen’s first supercar, the Ferrari Roma, was a proper gift for the high-stakes racer, confidently zipping through the competition to claim prize after prize. Let’s take you into Ollie’s visit to FunderPro’s HQ in May, as we unpack the flurry of events and memorable moments that marked the start of our collaboration. The focus of the joint efforts, as usual, is on innovation, competition, and blowing past milestones.

Who is Ollie Bearman?

A rising star boasting a near-impeccable track record with Prema Racing in Formula 2, Ollie Bearman is FunderPro’s sponsored brand ambassador.

Why Did FunderPro Choose Bearman?

Our prop trading firm spotted an opportunity to go beyond conventions with Bearman. The partnership reflects FunderPro’s commitment to supporting rising talent just as we do with each new trader who signs up for a funded account.

Ollie’s First Visit to FunderPro HQ

On the morning of the 2nd of May, Ollie Bearman was welcomed to FunderPro’s head office in Malta to celebrate the prop firm’s recent launch and to kickstart our joint initiatives.

The first meeting spot was, of course, Owen’s favorite coffee place – La Crema. After a hot shot of espresso (or two), Owen invited Bearman to the modern and vibrant office where the FunderPro team was excitedly waiting to meet the pro racing driver. Inside the office, the company’s chief executive, Gary Mullen, greeted Ollie and took him on a tour across conference rooms, boardrooms, open-plan and lounge areas.

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    Meet & Greet Time

    The brilliant FunderPro team had an opportunity to meet and greet the racing star. From marketing strategists to financial analysts, many were excited to snap a photo or just chit-chat for a moment. Needless to say, Ollie was particularly impressed by their dedication and genuine enthusiasm for the sport.

    The Surprise Gift Unveiled

    The time came for the grand reveal. As the full day was drawing to a close, Owen stayed true to his style of going above and beyond. His first Ferrari, a Roma make, was parked and dozing off in front of the office, patiently waiting for its new owner.

    Bearman got a rush of adrenaline when Owen handed him the keys. A lifelong dream had just come true. The Ferrari Roma, a masterpiece of engineering and elegance, symbolized not just the taste of luxury but the embodiment of a true racing spirit, propelling Bearman into an exhilarating new chapter of his racing journey. The unforgettable moment marked the beginning of a deep bond, established on commitment to excellence and the continued drive toward higher goals.

    A Peek into the Future

    FunderPro’s commitment to the racing driver goes beyond mere sponsorship. During his visit, Ollie learned about the company’s plans to establish a foundation aimed at supporting promising talents, empowering them with the resources needed to thrive.

    As the visit came to an end, Ollie expressed his gratitude to the entire FunderPro team for their unwavering support. Vice versa, the squad was happy to know they have the backing of a young talent, confidently climbing the ranks of Formula Racing.

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