Launching Your Proprietary Trading Firm Is Easy with Owen’s Partnership
Launching Your Proprietary Trading Firm Is Easy with Owen’s Partnership

Key Takeaways:

  •  Owen is bringing disruptive innovation to a field that was long kept exclusive. 
  •  Start your prop firm easily, from anywhere, and turn your audience into revenue.

The proprietary trading space has long been waiting for someone to come and open the floodgates of opportunity. Old-timers and mainstays didn’t fancy giving out their secrets in an effort to stifle competition and secure their towering presence over the industry.

But times have changed and the industry is expanding at a rapid clip. The Scrooge McDucks from the early days of prop trading, backstroking through piles of gold coins in impenetrable fortresses, are no longer holding the keys to what is turning out to be a fascinating field for growth, networking, and mouth-watering deal flow.

Owen’s Push to a Level Playing Field

No one should have a monopoly on a great idea. Every now and then a new power player appears that changes the rules of the game, challenges the status quo, and ends up ushering in a new era. It’s what we aspire to do here. A level playing field so everyone has a fair and equal chance of success. In industry terms that translates to an equal opportunity for everyone to launch their own proprietary trading firm.

We saw there was an opportunity for us to open up the space to newcomers so we threw our weight behind the tech, the development, and the marketing. Owen and the company staff worked relentlessly to deliver a prop trading launchpad, packed with all you need to take the leap and succeed.

We brought together a wealth of expertise from diverse fields including finance, technology, data analytics, and legal, and spun up an advanced plug-and-play solution. Starting a proprietary trading company just got easier than ever.

Dealmaking at Fever Pitch

We went to market and the deals started flowing. Turns out, people were eagerly waiting for an opportunity to launch their own prop firms. Since we rolled out our White Label program in 2022, we’ve onboarded 70+ prop firms. In turn, they’ve presented an opportunity to millions of traders to approach the market with a funded account.

In other words, countless traders are taking advantage of capital injections so they can fund their loftiest trading goals. And because you provided them with access to the market, you get rewarded in more ways than one.

Simply put, this spells opportunity for affiliates, influencers, and market participants to capitalize on their connections and turn their audience into revenue.

Why Partner with Owen?

The best excel through collaboration. Every partnership we strike, we cultivate with continued trust, transparency, and support. We provide all you could possibly need to start, build, and grow your prop firm into a powerhouse.

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    Here’s a sneak peek of what you will get with Owen’s partnership:

    1. Transparent pricing model – scale through a performance-based pricing model and focus on long-term success without the burden of monthly fees.

    2. All-inclusive tech solutions – enjoy the complete spectrum of integrated capabilities for your brand, ensuring you get the latest updates to stay ahead.

    3. Reliable liquidity aggregation – gain access to continuous liquidity across asset classes, manage your risk exposure, and control your hedging capabilities.

    4. Trading tech at its finest – fuel your traders’ journey by advanced trading technology for seamless market-making services, ensuring client satisfaction.


    Having a sense of belonging in a thriving industry is essential. Owen is here to make sure you are connected and positioned to make a difference. If you made it this far, we’ll let you in on our secret to success: we made the best prop trading solution to lower the entry barrier. And then we piled partnerships with great people. Talk to Owen today and let us introduce you to our network.

    Start today by visiting our Prop Firm page.

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