Hilbert Capital Taps ex-Goldman Sachs Executive Barnali Biswal as New CIO
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Barnali spent 14 years as Managing Director at Goldman, overseeing a $1 billion portfolio in high-yield credit trading.

Hilbert Capital Appoints New CIO

Hilbert Capital, the asset management wing of Hilbert Group, has appointed former Goldman executive Barnali Biswal as its Chief Investment Officer. Barnali is coming from a 14-year tenure at the investment bank where she was a Managing Director, overseeing $1 billion across European high-yield credit trading.

For the past three years, Barnali worked as Chief Investment Officer of Atitlan, a quantitative multi-strategy crypto hedge fund based in London.

In her new role in Hilbert Capital, Barnali will manage and develop the firm’s quantitative investment products for a growing number of institutional investors.

Behind the Scenes

Despite the formal introduction to the asset manager, Barnali has been working closely with Hilbert Capital. Over the past two years, she had advised on strategy development and was an investor across multiple Hilbert products.

“Hilbert was my favored external allocation as they provide both persistent market-neutral strategies and large upside / limited downside strategies that scale to a large amount of capital without deteriorating performance,” the new CIO said in a press release.

“Alpha persistency, scalability and operational excellence will attract the most capital in the next phase of digital asset adoption for institutions,” she added.

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    Hilbert Capital CEO Comments

    Hilbert Capital CEO Richard Murray praised the new hire, saying that Barnali is “a leading investor in the digital asset industry.”

    “For two decades, she has successfully traded and risk-managed sizable portfolios of capital on behalf of Goldman Sachs and institutional investors globally,” he went on to comment. “Her experience, insights and connectivity in the digital markets elevate Hilbert’s core quantitative trading approach and enhance our ability to manage scalable investment solutions for our institutional client base.”

    Barnali’s appointment will help the firm’s quantitative research team, led by Dr. Magnus Holm, to shift its attention fully on hammering out its trading strategies and seeking out new alpha.



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