HAYVN Gets New Momentum Under New CEO, Acquisition by Deus X Capital

Digital asset manager HAYVN is back better, stronger and under a new CEO and owner. After the company was shaken by an abrupt exit of its former CEO, Christopher Flinos, in December 2023, HAYVN has appointed Richard Crook to take the helm as chief executive.

Deus X Capital Makes a Move

What’s more, a monumental first step to charting a better future was taken. Deus X Capital, a $1 billion private fund, has acquired HAYVN’s brand, technology, customer base, and workforce. The agreement, with undisclosed numbers, is set to be finalized by March 28, 2024.

The deal is a strategic move for HAYVN, who is mainly focused on providing services to the Middle East market. But also, this milestone will likely propel the company into global expansion.

Who Is Richard Crook?

With over 25 years in finance and banking, Richard Crook is stepping in to navigate HAYVN through its transition phase with a razor-sharp focus on improving client experience and enhancing client servicing. His previous employers include payment company BCB and RBS.

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    Tim Grant Comments

    Tim Grant, CEO of Deus X Capital, praised the HAYVN acquisition and expressed elevated optimism for fostering a culture of growth and expansion.

    “HAYVN is an innovative business at the forefront of the movement to a democratized financial system. We are committed to providing institutional clients with the critical services they need to capitalize on the existing and growing opportunity in digital assets, while continuing to build and develop new capabilities. HAYVN is core to our strategy and represents another pillar of our commitment to the Middle East region.”

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