Hayvn Enters Luxury Market by Leveraging Blockchain’s Payments Potential

Key Takeaways:

Hayvn Pay is a revolutionary payment method now handling payments for luxury goods.
Through Hayvn Pay, end users can pay for high-end purchases with digital assets.


Hayvn Pay: A New Way of Dealmaking

Hayvn, a fully regulated crypto custodian and digital asset manager, is tapping into the global luxury market through its payment processing arm – Hayvn Pay. The payment gateway is already getting integrated into selected corners of the market, starting with the burgeoning luxury space.

Hayvn Pay, as a crypto-enabled business solution for luxury goods payments, has demonstrated stellar results in handling large-scale transactions at a rapid pace, in the safe and secure environment of blockchain.
The product has seamlessly integrated the authorization, clearing, and settlement of cryptocurrency payments for businesses, institutions, and even governments. For those who are yet to take the leap and switch to crypto, Hayvn Pay’s onramp solution allows clients to convert fiat currencies into cryptocurrency.
And vice versa – the ample liquidity of crypto to fiat makes it an easy task that requires no technical ability or blockchain expertise. Instead, automated APIs handle the heavy lifting of conversion, settlement, and instant delivery.


Why Luxury Goods?

According to Hayvn’s estimations, cryptocurrency payments will cover at least 20% of all payments in the luxury markets by the end of 2023. With this figure expected to rise, Hayvn is positioned as a forerunner in an industry that relies on quick transfers, managed by robust, reliable, and safe technology.

Luxury travels on yachts and private jets, car deals, real estate and art purchases, and more could be booked and paid for in a matter of minutes thanks to the fast processing of crypto transactions. Businesses that operate such facilities and offer high-end products for rent or sale can easily open an account with Hayvn and start accepting crypto payments that can be instantly converted into fiat money.

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    By leveraging blockchain’s payment potential, businesses in the high-end luxury market ensure a streamlined deal flow, and continuous liquidity, and eliminate delays typical for traditional banking systems.


    How Does It Work?

    Hayvn’s crypto-native platform acts as a bridge between digital assets and traditional money. When a client signs up for an account, they become part of the native ecosystem. All they need to do when an end user wants to pay with crypto is to provide them with a Tether (USDT) wallet address that will receive the transaction.

    Hayvn handles the conversion from Tether (USDT) to US dollar (USD) so that the amount is immediately reflected in dollar value in the client’s account. The transaction carries no risk of requote or price volatility because Tether (USDT), as a stablecoin, is pegged to the US dollar at a 1:1 ratio.
    That’s why the luxury market, where big-ticket purchases happen every day, is the ideal place to accommodate a crypto-native payment gateway.


    Red Acre Ventures’ Participation

    Red Acre Ventures is proud to back Hayvn Pay as a digital-asset payment technology for high-end purchases in the luxury markets. Our relentless pursuit of disruptive and innovative solutions convinced us that investing in Hayvn will help propel the luxury market to new frontiers, ultimately reaching more clients eager to experience a better way of high-end dealmaking.

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