Red Acre Taps New CEO and COO to Lead Firm into Next Growth Phase
Red Acre Taps New CEO and COO to Lead Firm into Next Growth Phase


Key Takeaways:

  • Red Acre names Nicolas Shamtanis and Stathis Xenos to join the group as CEO and COO.
  • Their combined leadership is expected to launch the business into a new phase of growth.

In a strategic move aimed at propelling Red Acre and Netrios into a new era of growth and innovation, the fintech group has announced the appointment of two new figures joining the C-Suite.

Nicolas Shamtanis takes the helm as Chief Executive Officer of both Red Acre Group and Netrios. Stathis Xenos will be in charge of process improvement as a Chief Operating Officer, also in both companies.

Both men are mainstays in the industry and will be aiming to draw on their expertise in helping Red Acre and Netrios expand their footprint. Nicolas Shamtanis is the former Chief Executive of Cyprus-based BDSwiss – a retail FX and CFD broker. Stathis Xenos departed from his VP of Growth seat at ZuluTrade to join the businesses.

Nicolas Shamtanis: Forex Titan

Nicolas Shamtanis joins Red Acre and Netrios as CEO, bringing a wealth of experience and a proven track record in driving innovation within the fintech landscape. He’s been in the trading space since 2007 when he held senior roles in retail broker easyMarkets.

In 2019 to 2021, he was the Chief Sales Officer at Exness, a CFD market maker, before moving to BDSwiss in early 2022. Having left BDSwiss in Q4 2022, Shamtanis took a 6-month sabbatical before he was tapped for his current role.

“After a much-needed 6-month sabbatical to recharge and rejuvenate,” Shamtanis said on social media, “I am delighted to announce that since April, I have embarked on an exciting new journey as the CEO of both Netrios and RedAcre.”

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    Under his leadership, Red Acre and Netrios will work to expand operations, hire new talent, and revolutionize capital markets through technology. Read More

    Stathis Xenos: Social Trading Visionary

    As the newly appointed COO, Stathis Xenos brings his expertise in operational efficiency and strategy execution to the leadership teams at Red Acre and Netrios. With an extensive background in managing complex operations, Xenos will be pivotal in streamlining internal processes and aligning the group to support ambitious growth targets.

    Xenos joins from his most recent role as VP of Growth at copy trading platform ZuluTrade. His previous experience includes working at A-Quant, a trading products provider, and Nuntius, a Greece-based retail broker.

    Xenos’ focus on operational rigor will bolster Red Acre’s and Netrios’ bandwidth to scale while maintaining the agility required in the dynamic capital markets landscape. His appointment reflects the group’s commitment to holistic growth and solidifies the teamwork necessary to bring Red Acre’s innovative products to a broader audience at a faster pace. Read More

    A New Growth-Focused Phase

    With Shamtanis and Xenos joining the C-Suite, Red Acre and Netrios are embarking on a transformative journey that is centered around expanding the technological horizons and tapping into previously unexplored avenues of growth.

    The combined leadership of the two leaders will catalyze the development of software products that disrupt traditional financial models, ensuring that the fintech group continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of capital markets technology.

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